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Paisley & me Mount Washington, NH 2021

Our dog and faithful companion was so loved.

We took her almost everywhere we went.

I always told my husband,

"Everything is better with Paisley."

Hi, I’m Karen

My husband and I are dog and cat lovers and have been rescuing since being married 33 years ago.

Our first two dogs,  an 85-pound Lab/German Short Hair Pointer and a 95-pound Labrador lived to 16 and 13 years respectively.

That was when we were homeowners and had control of what we put on our lawns. I hand pulled dandelions and only used lime in the spring. We had beautiful and natural lawns.

That's most likely why they lived long lives.

Paisley was a medium-sized, 55-pound dog and only made it to 11 years. We had her for eight of these. 

We expected to have her at least three or four more years.

But we rent and have no control of the poisonous chemicals used in our complex.

We miss her. 

I wish I could undo what happened, but of course I can't. But I can help others to not suffer the pain of losing a dog at an early age and to prevent other dogs suffering as she did in her final two months.

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